Saturday, February 2, 2013

Pinup Shoot and Update

Hey All,

So sorry its been quiet... Had a lot going on the last two weeks, finals(got a 78 for the class thought i was going to fail it. We have been having so weird weather in NC and I had a pipe burst under my house and had to get that fix... Awards for my eldest he made A/B Honor Roll for the first time so proud of him... And tons of OT appointments...Busy Busy... Anywho  here is what i am super excited about.

So today I did a pinup style photo shoot... Wore a 20's style flapper dress then went all corseted Marine Theme for hubby... It was so much fun.. I can't wait to for the pictures... I dyed my hair the other day so i would have a fresh look for the photo's ended up being darker then I thought it would be as I am a natural blonde and have been Brown since Aug... So this dark brown/black was something new... I will be posting pics as soon as i get them... Can't wait.

On other news i know i have been slacking with the reviews... I will be posting later tonight so prepare for it...These are some great books couple fast reads and two normal sized reads.

Thanks- Jeannie

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