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Happy Easter

Hey everyone Just wanted to wish you all a Happy Easter for those who celebrate...

 For those who don't I  hope you have a Wonderful Sunday. Much Love to All Jeannie

Friday, March 29, 2013

ARC Review Rough Around the Edges By Ranae Rose

Rough Around the Edges By: Ranae Rose


Sometimes love is enough. Other times, you have to fight for it.

For Ryan Moore, the choice to fight is like the choice to breathe – necessary. After being wounded in war and discharged from the United States Marine Corps, competitive MMA fighting is the only thing he’s still able to excel at. Every round is a risk he can’t afford to take, but time spent outside of the cage is purgatory, until he meets female fighter Ally Rivera. For the first time since an IED blast destroyed life as he knew it, he wants something – someone. And she wants him, but the lingering effects of war might just tear them apart, if the gang violence that plagues her family doesn’t kill them first.

Rough Around the Edges is Ryan’s side of the love story told in Battered Not Broken. It’s not a sequel, but a separate novel written for those who want to experience the story through Ryan’s eyes. Read Battered Not Broken first or simply dive right in and enjoy an erotic romance novel told completely from a male point of view.

My Review 

Ok, So i loved Battered Not Broken, and I have to stay reading Rough Around the Edges and hearing Ryan's side of the story made me love both Ryan and Ally even more.  Ranae Rose fills in all the little questions that you would have from Battered Not Broken. Believe me she doesn't leave you with any questions in this book. 

She allows us to see Ryan in a way that is real and allows us to see what he deals with in regards to his TBI  from his nightmares, to his inner dialog and questioning his value as a person, and even describing what happens when he gets a headache and the after affects.  I have to say that reading Ryan's thought sounded very familiar to me especially his thoughts of messing up things,being a failure and not having anything of "worth" to show from his civilian life  in regards to his military friends as I have heard them from my husband a time or two. 

I also love reading Ryan's POV when it comes to the sex scenes which are just scorching hot, but reading Ryan's thoughts about how much he loves and wants Ally even imagining her in an apron cooking naked in her mom's kitchen.(what a naughty man). 

She shows what happens when Ryan saves Mel. She shows what Ryan was doing and how he was feeling when he fell from the roof and fractured his arm, His thoughts on Ally being shot and what happened when he went off with Manny for revenge.  I have to say Ryan going of with Manny was very enlightening and answered a lot questions.

I love that Ryan and Ally's visit to Quantico was included because it showed the Marine side of Ryan's life and allowed Ally to meet Feltz  She also includes many other interactions that Ryan has with his parents especially his father. 

Overall I have to say that Rough Around the Edges is a wonderful book that i love and it is the perfect companion book for Battered Not Broken (Ally's POV). If you haven't read Battered Not Broken you must as it shows how truly caring Ally is as a person and why she is perfect for Ryan.

* I received and ARC of this book from the Author in exchange for my honest review.

I Rate this a 5 out of 5

You can purchase Rough Around the Edges

Monday, March 25, 2013

Review Chasing Sam By Krystal Shannan

Chasing Sam by Krystal Shannan

Samantha Demakis doesn’t want a mate right now. She wants to finish her degree and work as a doctor in third world countries. Her birth-rite and family obligations to her status as the first daughter of a noble family beg to differ. In fact, even her wolf seems to be against her. When a chance encounter reveals the man who might just be a perfect fit, will she run? Or will she fight?

Chase Michaels has been alone for seventy-five years. He’s fought in Vietnam, the Persian Gulf, and Afghanistan in the US Army. Somewhat resigned to never finding his true mate, he is shocked when his wolf reacts so strongly to a woman he runs into in the airport. Unprepared for the politics and snobbery of the noble families, Chase finds himself fighting in a different type of war —a war for the heart of a woman he knows should be his. 

A lot of things are chasing Sam, but who or what will catch her in the end?

My Review

This is a short story that introduces us to Krystal Shannan's Vegas Mates Series...

Samantha Demakis (Sam) is flying home for Christmas break, She has put off coming home as she is now of "mating" age, and wants to become a Doctor. Her Parents have other plans for her home coming, and are hell bet on forcing her to mate if she wants to or not. 

Sam meets Chase in the airport when he gives her back her jacket that someone stole. There is a instant connection, that their wolves won't  let them ignore.  Chase is coming home from Afghanistan and the last thing he expected was Sam, even if she is a Demakis Chase's wolf knows that Sam is his. He agrees to be part of the mate hunt in order to claim what is his.  Sam knows that Chase is her only hope in living a life that she would be happy in. 

High Class and Everyday meet in this  Romeo and Juliet shifter style story... I really enjoyed how Chase and Sam's wolves talk to them in their heads... Gives the story something extra as normally we don't see shifters being able to communicate with their wolves. Krystal Shannan has wrote a fast paced book that has everything you could want from a shifters story plus some extra. I have to say the mate hunt was one of my favorite parts of the story. The only thing that i had issue with was I wanted to know what happened after the chase, what was the family's reaction (especially Sam's Mom). 

Thankfully this is to be a series but waiting isn't one of my good points. lol

I rate this a 4 out of 5

You can buy Chasing Sam from

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Winners For Lucky In Love Blog Hop

So Randy the Raffle Counter did his thing and we have two winners.....

Drumroll Please

The winner of Prize #1
Earring, Lotion & swag is

Entry #84 Krysta B

The winner of Prize #2
Bracelet, Lotion & swag is

Entry # 55 Diva Jefferson/Pandora Gray

Ladies, I will be email you very soon... You have 24  hours to respond or another winner will be choosen...
Thank you everyone for stopping by and I hope to hear from you all in the future. 

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Lucky In Love Blog Hop

Welcome to Just Jeannie's Books & Bling Blog Stop #238 in the Lucky In Love Blog Hop hosted by the wonderful Carrie Anne Ryan.

So this hop is all about being lucky in love and St. Patty's Day. I am very lucky in love I married my high school sweetheart and my best friend who also happens to be a Veteran of the U.S Marine Corps ...I know lucky girl right... We are going on 10 years married this year wooo hoo and 14 years together with two boys Davey 9 and JonJon 3.  

I am not Irish, I am a mix of English, German and Polish... However In a past life I must of been a leprechaun because I love the color green, I am short, have a thing for rainbows, sparkly pretties and my ears are kinda pointed. OK so maybe I am Tinkerbell.  I have gone to Saint Patty's Day in Savannah, Georgia... That is one crazy party... One of my favorite places is Savannah and I was lucky to live in Beaufort, SC for a couple years when hubby was in the Corps. We loved going there for the party, the history and the beauty of Savannah. 

In honor of chasing rainbows, a bit of green, and hoping for that pot of gold...Here is a couple pictures of a double rainbow i took at my mom's in Northern Wisconsin last summer. Just to get you looking for that pot of gold.

What can you win from stopping at Just Jeannie's Books & Bling?????
Well there are two prizes up for grabs... That means two winners.

1st Prize is a Pair of Earrings made by me, Bath &Body Works Lotion &hand santizer, swag

2nd Prize is a Beautiful Bracelet made by me, Bath & Body Works lotion & Hand Santizer, swag.

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Lucky in Love? Well, are you? It's a time of luck and wealth...or not. With each romance we find ourselves in a new world of love and memories. Are these just by chance? Is it luck? Welcome to your second annual Lucky in Love Blog Hop where we want to hear about your love, your romance, and how much you love St. Patrick's Day!!! Are you wearing green? Ready to get pinched...or you like that?

Almost 300 bloggers have giveaways and posts about those men we love! 

But that's not all....

We have TWO grand prizes. You as a reader can go to EACH blog and comment with your email address and be entered to win. Yep, you can enter over 200 times!

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ARC Review Surrender Your Love By J.C Reed

Surrender Your Love by: J.C Reed 

Meeting Jett was like lightning. Dangerous. Better left untouched. And better forgotten. But lightning always strikes twice.

Brooke Stewart, a realtor in New York, doesn’t do relationships. When she’s sent to a remote estate to finalize a real estate deal, she discovers her new boss is no other than the guy she left naked in bed.

Sexy, dangerously handsome, and arrogant Jett Mayfield attracts trouble, and women, like a lightning rod. But the night he meets Brooke he gets more than he bargained for. The green-eyed millionaire playboy isn’t used to taking no for an answer, and he isn’t about to start now.

When he proposes two months of no strings sex, Brooke is intrigued and accepts his proposal. Little does she know Jett’s determined to claim the one woman he can’t have, pulling her deeper into his dangerous world.

A man who doesn't take 'no' for an answer.
A woman afraid to surrender to love.
Two lives that are about to cross...and secrets laid bare.

My Review

First I have to say this is such a sexy cover and fits the book... I have to warn you this is a cliff hanger book... Which made me go damn it i want to read more, and believe me you will want more. This book has a lot going on in it, but it is very well written, has a little bit of everything, and the sex scenes are hot.

I have to say I loved this book. Brooke is a hard working, smart, everyday woman who doesn't deal with much b.s from anyone... She meets Jett when he headhunts her for his company(not knowing she is headhunted)... He doesn't tell her who she is when they first meet and she thinks he is kind of an ass.  Even though she is attracted to him.  I agree he is an ass, late, cocky, and hotter then sin. Jett is used to getting whats and not used to be told no.  

I have to say i was totally falling for Jett along with Brooke. Their time in Italy is great and makes you think this is going so good what can go wrong they are falling for each other and the sex is awesome. Even though Jett tends to get standoffish at times, and there seems to be shady things going on. The shields around both their hearts are slowly breaking down and they head back to the States in love with each other.

I don't want to spoil anything because i love love this book so i will tell you that J.C. Reed has a talent for keeping you guessing and then bam hitting you with a gut shot... That what the end of this book was a gut shot and cliff hanger that made me go OMG, what an asshole, nooooooo I want to keep reading. 

I can not wait for the sequel to this book... J.C. Reed is a new author who has a great future in front of her because if this book is the start i can't wait to see what else she has in her bag of tricks. 

* I received an ARC of this book from the author for my honest review.

I Rate this book 5 out of 5

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Review- Time for Death By Christie Silvers

Time for Death( Liz Baker Book 1) by Christie Silvers 

Liz Baker thought it would be a normal evening of sex in a cemetery with her beau, until she spotted someone in the distance and all normality in her world ceased to exist. After several murders in her small town, Liz comes to the realization that the murderer is coming after her, and he's more dangerous than any human could possibly be. With the help of her dead mother, bar bouncer, and cemetery lover, Liz learns that the murdering vampire was sent by her biological father to claim her as his own. Only then does she discover her real parentage and underlying special powers. Only death will release her from Marcus's powerful hold, but who will die first?

My Review

Ok so I bought this book at Book 'Em NC a few weeks ago... I chatted with Christie Silvers a little bit before i picked it up... I had seen a couple of the books in the series online for kindle but i hate starting a series in the middle... yeah i am one of those who have to start from point a...So i snagged this book up hoping it was as good as the reviews i had seen on it said it was. I am totally happy with my purchase and will be buying the rest in the series because i am hooked.

Liz Baker is the type of head strong, feisty, dirty mouthed heroine i love. She is AWESOME, even if she pisses me off sometimes with how she treats Rick...It is so hard not to spoil this book... She sometimes can't see what is in front of her with her love life... Throw in a vampire who is evil that Liz is completely attracted to even though she shouldn't be, steamy questionable sex, a snarky cat, a couple of deaths, some funny parts, life drama, and thriller action... This book has everything... I am so happy i bought it... I would totally break it down more but all i can say is read it... It is one of those books you will have no problem reading again and again.

I rate this book 

5 out of 5

You can buy this book 

Monday, March 4, 2013

Pinups, Books, Updates and the Next Hop.

So All I told you I would post pictures when I get them of my Pinup shoot... Currently I have two Photos back from my Shoot... I am super Proud of them and Hubby loves them... As you know I am Proud Marine Wife and I support all our troops and love hubby with all my heart here is what i did for his Valentines Gift.

Here is another one.

I haven't gotten the other ones back yet but these two were Hubby's favorite so they were rushed. 

I have also been busy with tons of homework... Don't get started on my last class because I spent the time studying and pulling my hair out at the stupidity of some people.... Ended up with an 85 for the class but still frustrates me. Boys have been doing good as you can see from the following pictures 

Mikey and the boys in his new "Dad" Chair

Jon Jon enjoying Fire Antz Hockey Game

 Davey Attack Of the Bee's at NC Life and Science Museum 

Book 'Em NC
I also went to Book'em NC for the first time, with Jon Jon and have to say loved meeting the wonderful authors from the area ....didn't bring my camera but next year I will... I picked up a bunch of books and got some sweet bookmarks and magnets well I got 2 for me and the rest for the boys, a book for my mom, and two for giveaways... Jon got a Pirate Kids book and he had great talk as much as a talk a 3 yearold obsessed with Pirates can have with an author... I will have a review of it as its Jon's Current favorite...  Total of 8 books all were signed except 2 I think which is pretty cool... I have two great books which will be going towards giveaways later in a couple months so watch out for giveaways coming soon. 

Heres the website can't wait to see what they put together for next year.

Found a Picture Online of JonJon and I with Hollywood Producer/Actor Chuck Williams

Next Hop

The next hop I will be a part of is the Lucky in Love Hop which goes March 15 -18th... I will have two prizes for this Hop as it is a huge Hop hosted by the wonderful Carrie Ann Ryan... 1st Prize  A great pair of Earrings with swag and goodies. 2nd Prize Awesome Bracelet with swag and goodies... I will post pictures closer to the date of the hop.

Thanks for stopping by... I have two more reviews that are currently going through edit that i will be post later today... thanks

Review of A Tale of Two Djinns By Mina Khan

A Tale of Two Djinns By Mina Khan


Akshay, warrior prince of the earth djinns, earns the title of Crown Prince at a high cost when he loses his best friend in a battle against ancient enemies, the water djinns. Heartsick, he escapes to Earth to mourn.

Nothing gets the biological clock ticking (and elders lecturing) like almost dying in battle, so Maya, princess of the water djinns, travels to Earth for some no-strings-attached sex to fulfill her duty and produce an heir. But the beautiful and tough warrior gets more than she bargained for when she meets Shay.

Their not-so-simple one-night stand is interrupted by assassins and the world, as they know it, is changed forever. As Maya and Shay pull together to survive, both are determined to have their happily-ever-after and bring peace to their worlds -- warring families, shadow assassins, and nosy busybodies be damned.

My Review

This was a fast read, which i enjoyed... It starts and ends with a battle... Which is pretty cool... The influence of culture and myth along with the sexual relationship of Maya and Akshay  burns up the pages. What was supposed to be a one night stand on Maya's part turned into something more.Between both hiding their true status and djinn type from the one other, shady family members and distrust... Can love survive  when war is constant between two cultures of djinn?

Betrayal, fighting, sex, magic, and redemption this quick read has it all... This was the first book I have read by Mina Khan and I can tell you it won't be the last. I have read this book more than once as i love it and it is a super quick read. 

* I won this book in a contest 

I rate the book a 4.5 out of 5

You can buy this book on Amazon B&N ARe