Monday, March 4, 2013

Pinups, Books, Updates and the Next Hop.

So All I told you I would post pictures when I get them of my Pinup shoot... Currently I have two Photos back from my Shoot... I am super Proud of them and Hubby loves them... As you know I am Proud Marine Wife and I support all our troops and love hubby with all my heart here is what i did for his Valentines Gift.

Here is another one.

I haven't gotten the other ones back yet but these two were Hubby's favorite so they were rushed. 

I have also been busy with tons of homework... Don't get started on my last class because I spent the time studying and pulling my hair out at the stupidity of some people.... Ended up with an 85 for the class but still frustrates me. Boys have been doing good as you can see from the following pictures 

Mikey and the boys in his new "Dad" Chair

Jon Jon enjoying Fire Antz Hockey Game

 Davey Attack Of the Bee's at NC Life and Science Museum 

Book 'Em NC
I also went to Book'em NC for the first time, with Jon Jon and have to say loved meeting the wonderful authors from the area ....didn't bring my camera but next year I will... I picked up a bunch of books and got some sweet bookmarks and magnets well I got 2 for me and the rest for the boys, a book for my mom, and two for giveaways... Jon got a Pirate Kids book and he had great talk as much as a talk a 3 yearold obsessed with Pirates can have with an author... I will have a review of it as its Jon's Current favorite...  Total of 8 books all were signed except 2 I think which is pretty cool... I have two great books which will be going towards giveaways later in a couple months so watch out for giveaways coming soon. 

Heres the website can't wait to see what they put together for next year.

Found a Picture Online of JonJon and I with Hollywood Producer/Actor Chuck Williams

Next Hop

The next hop I will be a part of is the Lucky in Love Hop which goes March 15 -18th... I will have two prizes for this Hop as it is a huge Hop hosted by the wonderful Carrie Ann Ryan... 1st Prize  A great pair of Earrings with swag and goodies. 2nd Prize Awesome Bracelet with swag and goodies... I will post pictures closer to the date of the hop.

Thanks for stopping by... I have two more reviews that are currently going through edit that i will be post later today... thanks

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