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ARC Review Rough Around the Edges By Ranae Rose

Rough Around the Edges By: Ranae Rose


Sometimes love is enough. Other times, you have to fight for it.

For Ryan Moore, the choice to fight is like the choice to breathe – necessary. After being wounded in war and discharged from the United States Marine Corps, competitive MMA fighting is the only thing he’s still able to excel at. Every round is a risk he can’t afford to take, but time spent outside of the cage is purgatory, until he meets female fighter Ally Rivera. For the first time since an IED blast destroyed life as he knew it, he wants something – someone. And she wants him, but the lingering effects of war might just tear them apart, if the gang violence that plagues her family doesn’t kill them first.

Rough Around the Edges is Ryan’s side of the love story told in Battered Not Broken. It’s not a sequel, but a separate novel written for those who want to experience the story through Ryan’s eyes. Read Battered Not Broken first or simply dive right in and enjoy an erotic romance novel told completely from a male point of view.

My Review 

Ok, So i loved Battered Not Broken, and I have to stay reading Rough Around the Edges and hearing Ryan's side of the story made me love both Ryan and Ally even more.  Ranae Rose fills in all the little questions that you would have from Battered Not Broken. Believe me she doesn't leave you with any questions in this book. 

She allows us to see Ryan in a way that is real and allows us to see what he deals with in regards to his TBI  from his nightmares, to his inner dialog and questioning his value as a person, and even describing what happens when he gets a headache and the after affects.  I have to say that reading Ryan's thought sounded very familiar to me especially his thoughts of messing up things,being a failure and not having anything of "worth" to show from his civilian life  in regards to his military friends as I have heard them from my husband a time or two. 

I also love reading Ryan's POV when it comes to the sex scenes which are just scorching hot, but reading Ryan's thoughts about how much he loves and wants Ally even imagining her in an apron cooking naked in her mom's kitchen.(what a naughty man). 

She shows what happens when Ryan saves Mel. She shows what Ryan was doing and how he was feeling when he fell from the roof and fractured his arm, His thoughts on Ally being shot and what happened when he went off with Manny for revenge.  I have to say Ryan going of with Manny was very enlightening and answered a lot questions.

I love that Ryan and Ally's visit to Quantico was included because it showed the Marine side of Ryan's life and allowed Ally to meet Feltz  She also includes many other interactions that Ryan has with his parents especially his father. 

Overall I have to say that Rough Around the Edges is a wonderful book that i love and it is the perfect companion book for Battered Not Broken (Ally's POV). If you haven't read Battered Not Broken you must as it shows how truly caring Ally is as a person and why she is perfect for Ryan.

* I received and ARC of this book from the Author in exchange for my honest review.

I Rate this a 5 out of 5

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