Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Years

Ok so I know it is the 31st of December... But wanted to post a little note saying Happy New Years... If you do Party... Party safe have a DD if you need one or call a cab... Your life is important so don't do something stupid endangering yourself or someone else.

Do you have a New Years Resolution???? What is it?

My New Years Resolution is to lost those last 10lbs... Do more things for me (lunch with the girlfriends, spa day, something at least once a month) and gain more business for my jewelry and finish out the rest of my college graduating with no failing grades.

Thank you for following and hopefully i can get the blog up and going as soon as possible... Plan on hosting a giveaway for Valentines Day so watch out for it.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Welcome To Just Jeannie

Hey All
Welcome to Just Jeannie
Thank you for stopping by...
 I am just starting this blog so please take it easy on me lol... Might take a little while for it to get how i want it to look.

First let me introduce myself I am Jeanette but most call me Jeannie. I am a wife of a Marine Corps Veteran (Mike) who happens to be my high school sweetheart and the love of my life. I am the proud mother of  two handsome and evil blonde headed boys Davey and Jonathan. I am a college student finishing up my bachelors degree in Accounting, I make jewelry, love to read books, sing, dance around like a yahoo and have a good time. I would have to say that I am Strong, Smart, Sexy, Outspoken, sometimes harsh and well just a tad bit crazy but i need that little bit of crazy to get through the day. lol

So with that out of the way this blog is for me to post reviews of  books i read, show off the pretty awesome pieces i make, vent about my sometimes crazy and stressed life(which I know is just me bitching but hey its my blog) talk about new things i learn, crazy stuff my boys do or say, and hopefully offer some great goodies on some blog hops and interview some great authors and introduce others to books i like.

So thanks for reading this far and please excuse the current constuction