Sunday, December 30, 2012

Welcome To Just Jeannie

Hey All
Welcome to Just Jeannie
Thank you for stopping by...
 I am just starting this blog so please take it easy on me lol... Might take a little while for it to get how i want it to look.

First let me introduce myself I am Jeanette but most call me Jeannie. I am a wife of a Marine Corps Veteran (Mike) who happens to be my high school sweetheart and the love of my life. I am the proud mother of  two handsome and evil blonde headed boys Davey and Jonathan. I am a college student finishing up my bachelors degree in Accounting, I make jewelry, love to read books, sing, dance around like a yahoo and have a good time. I would have to say that I am Strong, Smart, Sexy, Outspoken, sometimes harsh and well just a tad bit crazy but i need that little bit of crazy to get through the day. lol

So with that out of the way this blog is for me to post reviews of  books i read, show off the pretty awesome pieces i make, vent about my sometimes crazy and stressed life(which I know is just me bitching but hey its my blog) talk about new things i learn, crazy stuff my boys do or say, and hopefully offer some great goodies on some blog hops and interview some great authors and introduce others to books i like.

So thanks for reading this far and please excuse the current constuction


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