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Quote-tastic 2

This is a quick quote this week as I just got a new job and hubby took over my laptop last night. I like quotes that catch my attention and the best way to do that is have a great opening line. So I am going to share one of my current favorite opening lines. It is from Krystal Shannan's A Very Russian Christmas.

It is a quick read which leaves you with a cliff hanger... She is good at that :) but over all not a bad quick read.

So here is the opening quote

"Too much vodka
Ksenia Sharanov groaned and rolled over on the downy comforter covering the huge king-sized bed in her room. Last night had turned into a lopsided game of “I’ve never.” Stupid game
Her college roommates, Kate, Maria, and Patti had quickly figured out she’d never done a lot of things and turned the game on her. Morning was not a close friend, and a pounding headache was helping her greet the rising sun."

Shannan, Krystal (2012-12-05). A Very Russian Christmas (Kindle Locations 32-35). Decadent Publishing Company, LLC. Kindle Edition.

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So this is my first Quote-tastic Post and I want to thank  Anna from Herding Cats & Burning Soup for inviting me to share my favorite quote. It isn't sexy but it is snarky as hell and I love it.. I love heroines who have a bit of sass and Hero's who have the balls to dish is back :)

Which is why i choose this excerpt from Wicked Witch by Eve Langlas

Evangeline and Ryker are two headstrong stubborn characters and here is their first kiss :)

Evangeline pushed away from man who’d bespelled her and rubbed her lips even as her cheeks flushed in embarrassment. What came over her? How could she let him manhandle her like that? And why did I enjoy it? 
Angry at her loss of control, she couldn’t stop her hand, which rose lightning quick and cracked across the shifter’s face. “Pig!” The well-placed blow didn’t budge his thick head, a testament to his solidity. 

“Funny, a second ago you weren’t complaining about my heritage, and it’s feline by the way, not porcine.” 

“Cat, pig, or dog, you’re still an animal.”

“An animal you obviously want to fuck. Or are you going to tell me you tongue all the beasts you kiss?”

“I did not slip you the tongue.” 

“No, I did that, but again, I didn’t see you arguing.”

 “Because you were gagging me.”

 “That’s not gagging. If you were, we’d both be wearing less clothes and you’d be on your knees.”

 Oh my. She couldn’t help flushing red at his innuendo. “You’re impossible.”

 “I prefer the term doable. But then again, you wouldn’t recognize that seeing as how you’re sexually repressed. Lucky for you I’ve got the cure for that,” he taunted, grabbing his crotch and thrusting his hips.

Langlais, Eve (2013-06-01). Wickedest Witch (pp. 44-45). Eve Langlais. Kindle Edition.

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Book Tour David Litwack's Along the Watchtower/ There Comes a Prophet

Please enjoy this gripping excerpt from Along the Watchtower by David Litwack. Then read on to learn how you can win huge prizes as part of this blog tour, including a Kindle Fire, $650 in Amazon gift cards, and 5 autographed copies of each book.  


On the ground floor, the center of the hospital opened into a small courtyard, an insecure space with too many places for insurgents to hide. I took a quick breath and tensed. “Wait up, Ralph.” “It’s okay, Freddie. You’re safe here.” “Give me a minute. It’s my first time out.” I surveyed the perimeter. A few benches. A flower garden dominated by hydrangeas, but not like the softball-sized blossoms my mom used to grow. These were small and paler than the Cape Cod variety, which were a blue that could compete with the sky. At once, I could see my mom, hands buried in the hydrangeas, grooming her flowers—one of the few memories I could bear to recall. Me and my brothers in the driveway shooting hoops. Mom telling us to keep the ball out of her garden. She was happy then, surrounded by her family, her garden, and the ocean. I looked past the hydrangeas to find purple asters and some lilies too. But no roses. For some reason, I’d been hoping for roses. Despite the nice day, the courtyard was deserted, except for a woman about my age who sat on a wooden bench, finishing up a brown-bag lunch. Her eyes were closed and her head tipped back to take in the sun, making her appear to be dreaming. Sitting alone on the bench, her face seemed framed by flowers. When she heard us coming, she sat up, straightened her scrubs, and smiled. “Hey, Ralph. What do you have there? Another victim for me?” “Becky,” Ralph said. “What’s up? This is Freddie, Lt. Williams, our newest patient. We’re trying to bring him back from the dead. Freddie, meet Becky Marshall, one of our physical therapists.” I nodded a greeting to her, not much in the mood for small talk. She tilted her head to one side as if evaluating me. Then she gave me the kind of look that said we’d met before, if not in this world than in another, and that she intended to make a difference in my life. “Is he ready for me?” “Soon. If he’s assigned to you.” My attention was drawn to a soda can on the bench next to her. I’d seen too many IEDs in soda cans. She caught me fixating on it and grinned. “Just my diet Pepsi, Freddie. See?” She chugged what was left and tossed the can into a nearby trash basket. Then she crumpled the bag into a ball and to show off, stepped off exactly five paces and shot the bag into the basket in a perfect arc. “Nice shot,” I said. “I make that shot every time.” “Yeah, right.” She came close enough that our knees were almost touching and hovered over me, sizing me up. “You’ll be mine,” she said finally. “I can tell. I get all the hard cases.” As she walked away, light on her feet like a dancer, I fumbled for the wheel of the chair, trying to spin it around so I could watch her go. But Ralph had set the brake.  

The Gardener

The white butterfly fluttered before her face. When she saw it, she reached out a hand and at once it landed on the curve of her wrist. “Now there’s a fine omen for you,” she said. “Light knows we need one these days.” She whispered some words and the butterfly flew off across the courtyard and out over the castle wall. A fine omen? Perhaps. But I’d learned to be wary. I stepped forward, scuffling my boots to make noise. She ignored my presence. Not until I was a pace away did she turn. It was hard to say if she was beautiful or even pretty. Soil from the garden had splattered her cheeks and marked her forehead with a splotch that looked like a raven. A muddied apron hid her shape. But I took note of a glint in her gray-green eyes, as if the flowers had conspired to lend their color. And her mouth was a crescent moon upturned on its side. The corners of the crescent twitched when she saw me but only for an instant. Then she went back to her work as if I were invisible. Her hands cradled each bloom as she sliced off the heads with a small knife. “Are you spirit or demon?” I demanded. She made no answer. I drew my sword, relieved it slipped so easily from its scabbard, and stretched it in her direction. She watched the point from the corner of her eye but kept her head down and continued to work. Finally, I nudged her with the tip. She let out a yelp. Only then did I realize I’d thrust too hard, and the blade had slit her garment. I backed off at once, ready to apologize, but then recalled my encounter with the assassin. I poked again, more gently this time. “Why do you keep doing that?” she said. “To see if you’re real.” She stood and faced me, feet set wide and planted squarely on the ground. “Why shouldn’t I be real?” She was tall for a girl, her head rising above my chin, and had a bearing unlike a servant. When I continued to challenge her, she reached out and eased the point of my sword to one side. “Would you put that silly thing away?” I began to back off, then remembered the circumstance and held firm. “Why didn’t you say anything when I first approached you?” “Because we servants aren’t supposed to talk to you royals.” She lowered her gaze and turned back to the flowers. “I’m sorry . . . Milord.” “What’s your name?” “Rebecca.” “Rebecca. My name is Frederick.” She paled and then bent in a deep curtsy, her brashness collapsing into two whispered words. “The dauphin.” . . . I wandered in a circle, hands folded behind my back, and inspected the flowers, unsure of what else to say. Then a thought occurred to me. “Do you have roses in this garden?” “No roses, Milord. I have asters and hydrangeas. Some fall crocus. And climbing the wall to the watchtower, sweet autumn clematis. A bit of monkshood underneath and tulips in the spring. But no roses.” I must have looked disappointed. She came closer and reached out, but not enough to touch me. “It must be lonely, Milord, a terrible burden. Every morning as I walk from my village to the gardens, I see the darkening clouds and wonder where my strength will come from. Then I remember. The dauphin will protect us. Save Him Oh Goddess, I pray. If only I could do something to help.” I mumbled a thank you and turned to go, but stopped when I saw her examining her damaged apron. “Are you here every day?” “No, Milord, I have other gardens as well.” “Come tomorrow, and I’ll bring you a new apron to replace the one I tore.” She curtsied more deeply this time. “I’d be so grateful, Milord, but I have nothing to give in return.” “No need.” “Ah, wait.” She took her small knife and clipped off a bulging blossom at the stem and handed it to me. “Now place it in water the first chance you get.” I accepted the gift and admired her through its petals. “Thank you,” I said. “Tomorrow at noon.” As I walked away, I glanced over my shoulder to get one last look at the gardener. She was back at her work, resuming her song and snipping away, so light of hand and foot. As she blew away a curl that had drifted across her face, the summer dress rustled against her skin. I inhaled the scent of the flower and thought I caught the sun peeking through the clouds over Golgoreth. And for the first time since my father died, goddesses seemed possible.
  Watchtower Tour Badge

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Along the Watchtower tells of a tragic warrior lost in two worlds; a woman who may be his only way back from Hell. Get it on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or iTunes.

There Comes a Prophet A thousand years ago the Darkness came—a time of violence and social collapse. Nathaniel has grown up in their world of limits, longing for something more. For what are we without dreams? Get it on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or iTunes.

David Litwack, the once and future writer, explores the blurry line between reality and the fantastic. Visit David on his website, Twitter, Facebook, or GoodReads.

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Review Her Warriors Three Wishes (Dante's Circle Book 2) By Carrie Ann Ryan

Humans aren't as alone as they choose to believe. Every human possesses a trait of supernatural that lays dormant within their genetic make-up. Centuries of diluting and breeding have allowed humans to think they are alone and untouched by magic. But what happens when something changes?

Ambrose Griffin is older than most, if not all, civilizations. As each year passes, he submerses himself into his training, only relaxing around his protégée and friend, Shade. After losing his wife and children in the last Angelic Wars, he guards his heart and has no desire to share it with another.

Bookkeeper and romance novel enthusiast, Jamie Bennett dreams of being swept off her feet by a white knight. However, her life is no romance book. Since meeting Ambrose--a sexy, delicious angel--she's been twisted inside out and doesn't know why. Things are happening that she can't control and now her life is in danger. 

Balin Drake is stuck in hell, literally. His life of refusing to take souls, even though it's part of his demon nature, has caught up with him. He's dying and now must search for his true half, but even a mating may not save him. When he meets the two people who could fill that part, he'll need to fight for something he hasn't felt in over a century--hope.

Warning: Contains a rigid angel who needs a certain sexy woman to help him unwind, a book keeper who finds herself the creamy center of the best cookie ever, and a demon who has a certain taste for pressing them both against walls.

My Review

This is the second book in the Dante's Circle Series and I have to say I enjoyed this book even more than Dust of my Wings. I think it is due to the characters and the twist that Carrie Ann threw into this book. Which I just loved.

Ambrose is very guarded in this and tends to be kind of an ass to Jamie as he doesn't want to end up hurt again. When Jamie ends up in hell Ambrose will do anything even almost start a war to get her back.... Jamie also meets Balin who is just smoking hot in a devil may care sort of way And is shocked to find that a Love Triangle has nothing on her,Ambrose,and Balin when true halves of your soul are found. 

Jamie's true self is released while she is in hell shocking all those including herself due to the power she possesses. I think that Jamie might be my favorite so far in this series as she has to go through so much and her "kind" doesn't take to her becoming one of them as easily as Lily's Brownie Family took to her becoming one of them. 

Carrie Ann again has kept secondary characters relevant and even give us some more of Lily and Shade :) I am loving this series and can't wait to see what is next in this series as Carrie Ann did leave us with a little taste of what is going to happen next.

*I tried so hard not to ruin this as I hate spoilers but i think i gave some key things away. 

I rate this book a 5 out of 5 
You can buy Her Warriors Three Wishes from

Review of Dust of My Wings (Dante's Circle book 1) By Carrie Ann Ryan

Humans aren't as alone as they choose to believe. Every human possesses a trait of supernatural that lays dormant within their genetic make-up. Centuries of diluting and breeding have allowed humans to think they are alone and untouched by magic. But what happens when something changes?

Neat freak lab tech, Lily Banner lives her life as any ordinary human. She's dedicated to her work and loves to hang out with her friends at Dante's Circle, their local bar. When she discovers a strange blue dust at work she meets a handsome stranger holding secrets - and maybe her heart. But after a close call with a thunderstorm, she may not be as ordinary as she thinks.

Shade Griffin is a warrior angel sent to Earth to protect the supernaturals' secrets. One problem, he can't stop leaving dust in odd places around town. Now he has to find every ounce of his dust and keep the presence of the supernatural a secret. But after a close encounter with a sexy lab tech and a lightning quick connection, his millennia old loyalties may shift and he could lose more than just his wings in the chaos.

Warning: Contains a sexy angel with a choice to make and a green-eyed lab tech who dreams of a dark-winged stranger. Oh yeah, and a shocking spark that's sure to leave them begging for more.

My Review

This is a great start to a series. I really liked Lily and Shade they had a lot of chemistry and Lily is stronger than she thinks she is even when her world becomes disorganized. Shade is there to fix a little dust issue in order to protect secrets of the paranormal world.

This book has a bit of everything (good vs evil, who did it, What is going to happen next, and of course sexy scenes).  There were strong secondary characters, it was sweet where it needed to be, the characters grew and the ending leaves room for the next book in the series.

Carrie Ann has set the stage for a wonderful series thanks to a little bit of freak lightning and a group of girlfriends who are in for a bit of change. Was glad i bought this book and Her Warriors Three Wishes(book 2) at the same time. 

I rate this book 
4 out of 5 
You can buy Dust of My Wings from

Review The Immortal Scrolls by Kristin Secorsky

Cursed with immortality, Androcles has been mourning the loss of his beloved Araceli for centuries. Until Skye, a beautiful archaeologist, discovers the scrolls he wrote recounting his life and rebirth as a vampire. Androcles goes to destroy his scrolls and his secret but is taken aback by Skye's striking resemblance to Araceli. Androcles grows more obsessed with Skye who has secrets of her own. Dangers from his past are closing in as Androcles starts to unravel Skye's mysterious past. 

Set in ancient Rome, Britannia, and modern day Italy, The Immortal Scrolls is an irresistible love story you won't want to put down!

My Review

Kristin Secorsky has written a wonderful story that has so much going for it.  She has written a story line that makes you keep reading, there is so many questions you want answered (who is Skye) why can't she remember, Will she still want Androcles after she realizes who she is to him.
Kristin has a talent for bring  the ancient history of the story an bring it forward to modern times without it being confusing. This book  also has steamy sex, tons of action, jealousy, hidden secrets which will having you go
OMG. Nothing says fulfilling story like Vampires, Werewolves, Gladiators, Fairies and Ancient times. I finished this story in one setting and have reread it a couple times since. It is a great book and I look  forward to more from this up and coming author. 

I rate this a 4 out of 5
You can purchase this book from 

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Cover Reveal Now And Always by Charity Pineiro

South Beach sizzles as two determined and courageous sisters explore their attraction to two very handsome and successful men.  Join Connie and Carmen on their sexy, emotional, and humorous journey to find love and reach for their dreams.


Romantic Times: 4 Stars - Pineiro "ignites her own brand of Miami heat in this sexy and humorous romance."

Connie Gonzalez is a driven, ambitious woman who is one of the FBI’s best agents and determined to prove herself in a man’s world. Assigned to the Miami Bureau, Connie soon finds herself going undercover in Miami's glamorous South Beach area. An injury throws her together with the very rich and tempting Dr. Victor Cienfuegos. Victor is everything Connie should avoid, but despite the risks of her work and allowing any distractions, Connie cannot deny the attraction between herself and the sexy physician. Will danger keep them apart or is their love strong enough to survive for now and always?


Affaire de Coeur: Pineiro "pens a truly charming . . . romance . . . Her lively writing style makes this . . . romance a page-turner. "

Paul Stone accepts Connie Gonzalez’s invitation to join her for a traditional and fun-filled Christmas Eve dinner. Paul is instantly captivated by her intriguing kid sister. Carmen Gonzalez is leery of the self-assured FBI agent whose upscale upbringing provided him with all he ever needed. . .except love. After a fast-paced courtship, Paul and Carmen are ready to walk down the aisle, blissfully unaware that fate – and their own secret fears – will test their fragile commitment long before they make it to the altar . . . .

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De La Cruz Saga Release Party

Thank you for the invite. It’s a pleasure to be visiting you and sharing my De La Cruz Saga. The De La Cruz Saga is an amazing emotional roller coaster ride of romance, suspense, and intense passion. Its steamy material is a little erotic. The stories are well written, full of Mexican traditions, and culture. Enjoy their explosively passionate nature. The saga is a twelve book series. I have five out and four more should be out by the end of August 2013.

De La Cruz Saga contains Spanish. Saga has a subtle influence of Spanish and the Spanish becomes more laced (as the story progresses). I write in the present tense because I believe it puts the reader "IN" the action, rather than as part of an "after thought". I believe it brings the characters to life! My writing is not traditional literature. It does not have the fluff (excessive description, stage, settings, prose). My intent is to have the reader visualize and feel the characters story. This is my voice, my style. Dare to read the awesome De La Cruz Saga that’s full of passion and suspense. 

A hot-blooded saga of the De La Cruz familia and their fortunes is centered on romance, pasión, and danger. Enjoy their explosively
passionate nature.  
The first novel Hot & Spicy, the familia encounters danger, action, and passion. The bachelor battles the deadly Mexican cartel to protect his amor, familia, and fortune encountering romance, tantalizing ecstasy, and danger. Jose Enrique De La Cruz is the eldest of los primos. He's completely in command of the familia's empire. Jose Enrique is expected to introduce his fiancée to la familia at the company's 25th anniversary celebration. La familia has no clue that he doesn't have one. He doesn't have time to commit to a chica, not until he meets Jessica Maria Cortez. Jessica rocks his world and unchains his alma. The hot pasión rages through his blood erupting into hot spicy amor. Jessica Maria Cortez has always loved him and grasps this opportunity. The pasióndanger, and hot tantalizing ecstasy rocks Jose Enrique's world. Jose Enrique is thrust into war, danger, and suspense. The De la Cruz's defy the deadly Mexican Cartel dictates. 
Everythingbreathless and romantic is magnified by author P. T. Macias into a fever of
tactile writing, intense pacing, cohesion, and love.  

USLink ♥ UKLink

A hot-blooded saga of the De La Cruz familia and their fortunes is centered on romance, pasión, and danger. Enjoy their explosively passionate nature. In Hot & Forbidden, star-crossed lovers break the restraints of an impossible love. Their love rocks their world flinging them into pain, despair, and ecstasy. Nicolas De La Cruz is hot, sensitive, and captivating. Daniella De La Cruz is hot, sexy and sweet. Nick and Daniella recognize that they're alma gemela (soul mates). Their amor is intense and passionate transcending all boundaries. Nicolas disappears to work in Washington. The familia is oblivious of the emotional roller coaster that rocks Nicolas' world forcing him to depart. Daniella is expecting and refuses to reveal who's the father. The forbidden is enticing and painful. The obstacles and chains threaten their amor? The familia's secret is the key to unlock their amor and to set it free.

USLink  UKLink 

A hot-blooded saga of the De La Cruz familia and their fortunes is centered on romantic relationships of the explosively passionate nature. 
Hot & Enchanting, Ricardo Emmanuel De La Cruz is the sexy alpha playboy of la familia and is an attorney. He’s enjoys all the chicas that chase him. They have been chasing him his entire life. Ricky literally runs into Jacqueline Cortez. She’s a bella, shy, and quiet certified public accountant that works for la familia. Jacki turns his world upside down. Jacqueline Cortez has been in love with Ricardo her entire life. She never dreamed that running into him will unleash the amor that she locked up a long time ago. Will she be able to outrun Ricardo and avoid being his next conquest? How long can Jacki resist Ricky’s attention? Is she doomed to fall under his enchantment and into his waiting arms? Why is she pushing me away? Do I repulse her? I have never had a chica react like this. What’s wrong, thinks Ricky.
USLink   UKLink 

The hot-blooded saga of the De La Cruz familia and their fortunes is centered on romance, pasión, and danger. Enjoy their explosively passionate nature. Hot & Wild ~ Christian Arturo De La Cruz is a Navy SEAL. Christian lives for excitement. He loves it when the risk is great, dangerous, and complex. He enjoys the thrill of conquering the enemy when on a mission and the chicas when he’s on leave.
Monique Acosta is a young innocent bella chica. Her freshness and charm captures Christian’s alma. She instantaneously turns Christian’s world upside down. Christian is hurled into a dangerous warfare. He engages against the biggest menacing criminal ever. He fights against time and evil to save his amor and familia.
WARNING~De La Cruz Saga contains Spanish. Saga has a subtle influence of Spanish and it becomes more laced.
USLink ♥ UKLink 

Hot & Spoiled, De La Cruz Saga Sebastian Antonio De La Cruz is the familia architect. He’s the classic traditional macho Mexicano. He enjoys being single until the primos (his cousins) start falling in love. He contemplates seeking the chica (girl) of his dreams. Cynthia walks into his demanding, independent, and unconventional rocking his world. He deals with her father’s objections, issues, and abuse. Tony believes Cynthia’s father is the source of his family’s troubles. “She’s hot, sexy, and makes me burn like no one ever has. I just can’t be with her. She’s a spoiled demanding chica and I will not be her toy!” Sebastian Antonio De La Cruz Small Taste ~ “Hola I’m Cynthia. Do you work here? Is your boss here? I need to talk to him. Can you go and look for him?” asks Cynthia. She looks at Tony. I wonder if he knows where the architect is at. “Yeah, he’s here,” replies Tony. I wonder who this chica is. She’s pushy and demanding. I don’t like it, thinks Tony, attempting to calm down his body reaction to her nearness. “Okay, so where is he?” asks Cynthia. She looks around trying to find the architect that her Papa wants her to meet with. “What do you want with him?” asks Tony with curiosity. I wonder what she wants with me. “I need to make sure that he designs the building exactly as we want the building to be built. I want him to review the land and get his thoughts on buildings,” replies Cynthia with a commanding voice. Huh, hell no, I’m not taking her bullshit, thinks Tony annoyed. He looks at her from tip of her boots to the top of her glorious hair. Hell yeah, she makes me burn but she also makes me furious. Who in the hell does she think she is. She’s very condescending. “Okay, let’s start this over,” says Tony taking a firm stance. “I’m Sebastian Antonio De La Cruz and you are?” he asks. He glares at her raising his eyebrow. He raised it with arrogance. Cynthia stands there with her mouth gapping open. Wow! This hot hunk is the architect. I thought he was a worker and that the architect was an old fart, thinks Cynthia. I like him, ponders Cynthia, going to him, running her finger over his lower lip, and biting her lip. Oh yeah, I will taste him. I bet he makes love like being in heaven. I want him. I’m going to have him. She smiles gazing into his beautiful hazel eyes. “I’m Cynthia Lopez, your boss,” replies Cynthia, taking a step closer to give him a beso. She goes up onto her toes, pulls him down, giving him a hot, hungry beso. Si, he tastes scrumptious, thinks Cynthia, nibbling at his lower lip. She takes Tony by surprise. He responds to her beso with red hot hunger. He wraps his arms around her small waist, pulling her closer. He tastes her with extreme pleasure. He moans, enjoying her taste. Damn yes, she tastes divine, he thinks. He then realizes what she had said and furiously pulls back glaring at her. “Look niña, I’m not your toy and you’re not my boss,” replies Tony. Tony’s intense anger blazes in his hazel eyes, turning them greener. He attempts to control his body’s reaction to her. Dios mio, she has me all worked up with just one beso. I have never felt this strong pasión before with any other chica, ponders Tony, clenching his jaw. He steps back taking deep breaths, trying to control his anger, and his pasión. He turns to contemplate her surprised face. I need to be professional and polite to this chica. She is the customer, thinks Tony. “So you’re Señor Lopez’s hija? Where is Señor Lopez? He requested that we meet to go over the plot and some building designs prior to completing the purchase transaction,” says Tony, taking control of his feelings. “He’s late.” “My padre is late because his meeting is longer than he thought. He asked me to review everything with you,” replies Cynthia, taking a step closer to him. She faces him, almost touching. I see that he’s a real macho Mexicano and that he didn't like me being aggressive.

USLink   UKLink

 Hot & Adorable
Alejandro Andres De La Cruz! Stop by to learn all about him!

Alejandro Andres De La Cruz is HOT, HOT, HOT!

The doctor in the familia (family) is always there to help. He lives a double life. Can anyone help him in his time of need before losing his amor? Alex is the doctor. He loves to ride Luna a palomino on the familia hacienda. He's hot, sexy and very warm caring hombre (man).

Hot & Dangerous
Claudia De La Cruz is a sexy, intelligent, dedicated, and beautiful FBI agent! She worked hard to achieve her dream. She's too busy to fall in love. She never had an amor! She's waiting for her alma gemela (soul mate)!
Roberto De León sprints into her life! Time and danger brings them together and tears them apart!
Delightful excerpt ~
Wow, what’s going on? What’s all that commotion here in my casa, thinks Claudia.
She runs out of her room and down the hall. She meets her Padres (parents).
What’s going on?” asks Claudia.
We don’t know,” replies Papa Jorge.
Claudia urgently strides to the front door. She sees Veronica and Christopher walking after Roberto.
Oh dios mio that’s my Roberto! “Roberto, wait!” yells Claudia. She runs out the door after him. “Baby!”
I don’t want to hear you lie!” yells Roberto. He attempts to hurry to the suv.
Baby, what’s wrong?” asks Claudia, passing Veronica and Christopher.
Hermana (sister), he saw Christopher and me kissing. I think that he thought I was you,” says Veronica, walking behind Claudia.
Hey, amigo, wait up!” says Christopher, sprinting after Roberto. “You have it all wrong.”
Roberto hears Claudia and the other voices. Hmm, that’s three voices and not two. One is Claudia, he thinks. He turns around, furious and curious.
Baby,” yells Claudia, running to Roberto. “Please, listen to me.”
Roberto stands stupefied. Oh, dios mio! What a fucking fool I am. I forgot about her twin. I saw her in his arms and thought it was my Baby. The rage and frustration that I felt ten years ago, came rushing back. It was worse this time, because Claudia is my mujer, ponders Roberto. He’s in a daze.
Roberto stares at Veronica, feeling Claudia run into his arms. Damn, she’s identical to my Claudia, but she’s different. He gazes down into Claudia’s beautiful eyes.
Baby, te amo!” says Claudia. She gazes into his confused, pained beautiful brown eyes. “That’s my hermana, Veronica.”
Roberto closes his eyes tight. Wow, damn it! I made a huge mistake. I almost walked away from my amor, my alma gemela, and my world.
He opens his eyes and gazes into Claudia’s beautiful face. He pulls her close, burying his face into her neck. Yes, this is my Claudia. I feel her, she’s mia, only mia, he thinks.
Amor, your mia, only mia!” he growls into her ear. He ignores the pain at his side. He holds her tight.
Claudia moves her head and gives him a hungry beso. She wraps her arms around his neck.
Oh, damn yes. This is my Baby, my Amor, thinks Roberto. He hungrily returns her beso. He holds her tight. I’ve been dreaming of this moment for a long time.

Hot & Sassy

Veronica De La Cruz is the bebe (baby) of the familia (family). She’s an intelligent, beautiful, elegant, and sexy mujer (woman). She’s been in love with her novio (fiancé) Christopher Rosas for years. They’ve waited anxiously for their wedding day. One of her dreams is to become his wife.
Veronica’s other dream is to be an Eve’s Pleasure model. This is the only dream that she’s not shared with Christopher. Veronica has kept this from him. She knows in her heart that he’s totally old school and has macho convictions. She knows that he’ll never accept his wife to model.
Christopher Rosas is an FBI agent and Veronica’s twin sister’s partner. He’s totally devoted to Veronica. Christopher is forced to ask Veronica to help the FBI to locate her twin.
Will their amor be strong enough to survive her silence? Can Veronica save her amor and twin? 

~Mostof my favorite authors are indie or self-pubbed, what made me youdecide to go that route?
Thebiggest factor in my decision to go Indie is that I want full controlof my work. I never attempted to send in submissions to any agents. Idecided that I wanted to keep the rights to my work. 

~Whatwas one of the most surprising things you learned in creating yourbooks?
Themost surprising things that I learned in creating my books is thefact that I can write. The characters monitor the story.

~Whichof your characters are you most like? Least like?
Lol,will I feel that I’m like Patricia De La Cruz and a little ofIsabella. I’m the least like Erica De La Cruz. 

~Doyou have a particular writing habit?
Not really. I write and write when Ihave the story flowing out. Then I edit and send it to my awesomeeditor Marsha.

~Ifyou had to choose, which writer would you consider a mentor?
Ireally don’t have a favorite writer, but it would be SherrilynKenyon. I love her stories.

~Arethere any new authors that have grasped your interest?
Oh yeah, there are several authors thatI’m anxious to read their stories. When I have time I will. I havea long to read list, lol

~Whatis the hardest part of your writing?
DeLa Cruz Saga contains Spanish. Saga has a subtle influence of Spanishand the Spanish becomes more laced (as the story progresses). I writein the present tense because I believe it puts the reader "IN"the action, rather than as part of an "after thought". Ibelieve it brings the characters to life! My writing is nottraditional literature. It does not have the fluff (excessivedescription, stage, settings, prose). My intent is to have the readervisualize and feel the characters story. This is my voice, my style.Dare to read the awesome De La Cruz Saga that’s full of passion andsuspense.

~Doyou have any advice for other writers?
Writewhat you feel, believe, and listen to your voice. You will neverplease everyone.

~Describeyourself in three words.
Dedicated,Authentic, traditional

~Iknow characters are like children but if you could chose, who’syour favorite from your books? Of all time?
Yesall of them are my babies. 

~Anysong or songs that could basically sum up the overall mood of yourwriting?
NoI don’t listen to music when I write. If I have to pick one, itwould be romantic and country music. 

~Doyou plot out your books or just freely write them and let thecharacters tell you what to do next?
That’s exactly what happens. Thecharacters direct their story and the scenes evolve as I type.  

~If you had to choose, which writer would you consider the biggestinfluence in your writing?
Well,I don’t have one, really I don’t. I write based on what I feel,what I see in my mind, and the characters direction. I also writewhat I always wanted to see in the stories I read. 

What are your current projects? Can you share a little of yourcurrent work with us?
Yes,I can with pleasure. I’m working on finishing up the De La CruzSaga. I’m currently working on Hot & Sassy. My goal is tocomplete the De La Cruz Saga by the end of this year. I have HotAngel, Hot & Sexy, Hot & Lovable, and Hot & Naughty tocomplete. I’m also starting to write the first book in the Razer 8series. Razer 8 is about the eight Delta Force Operators. Thesestories will have romance, action, and suspense. The Razer 8 serieswill not be in Spanglish.
Thankyou for your awesome interview.

Thank you, Patricia, for sitting down and chatting with me. I feel like I know you a little bit better now!!

My name is Patricia T. Macias. I was born in San Jose, California. I graduated from the University of Phoenix with a dual Bachelor of Science degree in Business. Management and Administration. I currently live in Sacramento, California with my husband and children. My family is my pride and joy. I also enjoy spending quality time with family and friends. I always dreamed of writing romance novels. I am delighted to be achieving my dream. I wanted to write since I was in elementary. 
I do have a day job. I love to write after work and on weekends. All my characters are my new best friends. They are always talking and living in my mind and dreams.
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