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So this is my first Quote-tastic Post and I want to thank  Anna from Herding Cats & Burning Soup for inviting me to share my favorite quote. It isn't sexy but it is snarky as hell and I love it.. I love heroines who have a bit of sass and Hero's who have the balls to dish is back :)

Which is why i choose this excerpt from Wicked Witch by Eve Langlas

Evangeline and Ryker are two headstrong stubborn characters and here is their first kiss :)

Evangeline pushed away from man who’d bespelled her and rubbed her lips even as her cheeks flushed in embarrassment. What came over her? How could she let him manhandle her like that? And why did I enjoy it? 
Angry at her loss of control, she couldn’t stop her hand, which rose lightning quick and cracked across the shifter’s face. “Pig!” The well-placed blow didn’t budge his thick head, a testament to his solidity. 

“Funny, a second ago you weren’t complaining about my heritage, and it’s feline by the way, not porcine.” 

“Cat, pig, or dog, you’re still an animal.”

“An animal you obviously want to fuck. Or are you going to tell me you tongue all the beasts you kiss?”

“I did not slip you the tongue.” 

“No, I did that, but again, I didn’t see you arguing.”

 “Because you were gagging me.”

 “That’s not gagging. If you were, we’d both be wearing less clothes and you’d be on your knees.”

 Oh my. She couldn’t help flushing red at his innuendo. “You’re impossible.”

 “I prefer the term doable. But then again, you wouldn’t recognize that seeing as how you’re sexually repressed. Lucky for you I’ve got the cure for that,” he taunted, grabbing his crotch and thrusting his hips.

Langlais, Eve (2013-06-01). Wickedest Witch (pp. 44-45). Eve Langlais. Kindle Edition.

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  1. LOL oh my indeed. I Loved your pick Jeanette! Langlais is one of my favorite authors this year. So much fun! Ill have to pick this one up. Thanks for joining in this week :)

    1. Thanks lady... there are so many good quips in this book...It was hard to choose.

  2. GREAT quote! This man is just all kinds of naughty, isn't he? I really want to read this book now! :D

    ~Stephanie @ Bookfever

  3. I can't even count how many ways that I love Eve Langlais. I haven't read this one, but I just bought it!

  4. Great quote! Amusing and sexy!

    New follower!

    -Amanda P

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