Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Updates, Giveaways and Book blasts

Hello All,

So sorry haven't been posting the evil accounting classes are taking up a lot of my time only 15 more credits but i will be posting reviews later this week. I also tore/ripped tendon in my forearm so i am slinging it up for a couple weeks till it feels better or till i can't deal with the stupid sling anymore and go back to the doctor... Mom duties + Sling + Pain meds do not work so i have been toughing it out as much as possible.

Ok so big news coming... I will be starting a Monthly contest in May(swag, promotional items from some great authors, a book or two, jewelry made by me every month will be different but the winner will love whatever the prizes are.)... Gonna be pretty sweet.. So make sure you watch out for it.

Also I am going to hosting book blasts and such through Goddess Fish Promotions and a couple other places will be promoting a lot of great authors new books. (Authors I love and support). May 1st  Game Set Match by Jennifer Lacopelli (New Adult), May 14th Midnight Special by Tawny Weber (Contemporary Romance),  May 28th Beauty Touched the Beast and Beneath the Beauty by Skye Warren (Erotic).

Thank you all for supporting me

Much Love

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