Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Hot As Hades, 4 Classes Left and Summer Break

OK so it is time for a Jeannie's Life Update.

So it is Muggy and Hot as Hades in NC, We had rain all last week My lawn needs to be mowed and hubby has been working. Due to the Heat my Dogs won't go outside except to take do their business so they are under my feet. My youngest son JonJon loves outside however his allergies have been super bad so no outside so there is constant fighting with his older brother.  I feel like I am cooped up in the house with a bunch of crazies and the sweaty heat makes me moody. I feel like I need a cold drink and a beach closer than 2 hours away.

College is going good, almost done only four classes left and I graduate... Finally I will have a Bachelors Degree in Accounting. October can't come fast enough. These last classes have had me not sleeping and being a stressed mess, can't wait only two accounting classes and two electives left... I can do this. Yep that's my Motto lately "I can do this" even though i feel like i am over my head and the lack of sleep makes me super grumpy.

I am one proud Mama though cause my Davey (the 9 year old) who is super smart, is going to 5th grade. He passed ended up getting A/B Honor roll for the year. Only worry is that he is so young compared to others in his grade (He won't turn 10 till October) So he will always be the youngest in his grade.  When he goes into 6th he will be 10 (really scary for a mom).

As all Parents know it is the dreaded time of Summer Break... I love my boys more then everything but I enjoyed the quietness of having one child playing quietly till 2:30 before the fighting started. Now the fighting starts first thing in the morning... Nothing like having a 3 year old and a 9 year old. But we plan on having a busy summer  however Hubby and I are thinking of shipping oldest to Grandma in WI for a few weeks, He asked so nicely and we are not going home this summer due to my college load.  We will see as I am not sure about sending him on a plane with some random person I don't know watching over him and insuring he gets to the right planes.

So there is my update. I hope you all are entering my monthly contests, and enjoying my blog. Much Love- Jeannie

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