Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October Contest

Hey All,
So October is one of my favorite months... Not because of Halloween (Hubby's Birthday) even though I personally love Halloween. So make sure to wish My Hubby a Happy 31st Birthday... Yep its his golden birthday this year.

It is one of my favorite because my oldest son Davey was born and with his birth I became someone important and felt the unconditional love a mother has for their child for the first time. That is the reason October is one of my favorite months. BTW he is turning 10 on the 6th of October and we are taking him Ziplining. I know fun right to bad I am afraid of heights going to do it anyway lol.

So besides my rambling of why I love October you are wondering what is up for grabs.

Well there is bunch of Author Swag, Halloween goodies (I promise they are not tricks), and a paperback book that I picked up at the Fredrick Book Festival which I had signed by 4 different authors who have short stories in it. The book is called Gimme Shelter and it is Zombie themed stories. Very October right. Just to let you know it has been read (but is in nearly new condition) besides author signatures :).

Also a secondary prize of Auhtor Swag and Halloween Goodies.

So that is two winners for this Month

So who wants to enter???? How can you enter???? Easy fill out the Rafflecopter Below.

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  1. Happy Birthday Mike and Davey! The leave turning colors and an end to hot weather.

    1. I hear you there Theresa... The weather is turning very nice in NC

  2. Happy birthday! Like the candy

  3. I like the cooler weather and being able to wear big comfy sweaters


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