Thursday, May 8, 2014

Mary Kay and My Sister

Hey All

So I told you I would be doing a post on beauty products and other goodies. I will still have my Ispy Post for this month when I get my glam bag. But I want to do a post on other products I like to use.

I use a bit of everything and one of my favorite products is Mary Kay's Satin Hands it leaves my hands nice and soft and I love it.. It also comes in Peach.  They also have Pedicure products too which are awesome.
Satin Hands Gift Set

I also am a big fan of the Mary Kay At Play Baked Eye Trio eye shadows. I love the sparkle that they bring to my eyes and the colors are beautiful and vibrant. My current favorite is Sunset Beach. 

I know that everyone has their own person they buy Mary Kay from but I want to introduce you to my Mary Kay Lady... My sister Mandy House. 

Not only is she my big sister but she is also pretty damn awesome. She is a Proud Air Force Wife and supporter of Veterans. She is the mother of my beautiful niece Katelyn who just turned 12. She currently lives in Missouri.  Her favorite Authors are Nicholas Sparks and VC Andrews.

I try and get her to read other Romance Authors but those are her go to authors. lol

I also like that even though she lives in another state when I buy Mary Kay from her it doesn't cost me anything in shipping as she offers free shipping with every order no matter how much you buy. That's pretty awesome.

You can find her Mary Kay information on her Facebook or her Mary Kay Website Or you can even call her as she has an pretty neat office setup at (660) 362-0287.

Much Love

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  1. How awesome are you to pimp your sister's biz! I love Mary Kay products, too. I even used to sell them back in the day. Fingers crossed for your lovely sister's success. :-)


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