Thursday, August 1, 2013

Review Under the Australian Sky By A.J Kelton

What would you do if you suddenly found yourself transported back in time?

Being a farmer in the 1800's is hard; being a gay farmer even harder. Ethan has given up on finding his soul mate until a strangely dressed man wanders onto his land spouting nonsense about phones and cars. Jack is King of the one night stands, refusing to give anyone his heart until a chance encounter with Christian, a matchmaker longing to earn his cupid wings, sends Jack back in time. Can Jack give his heart to Ethan or will he become another conquest? Will Christian ever earn his cupid wings? Will they find love under the Australian sky?
My Review

Disclaimer- Gay Erotic Time travel Romance (Don't knock it till you Read one) 

Jack is one cocky jaded stud-muffin, he knows what he wants and isn't ready to find that one he truly needs in his life. Ethan is a sweet hardworking farmer who is hiding his sexuality in a time when the punishment for being gay was death. 
Christian is matchmaker determined to get his cupid wings, even if he has to go though time to connect soul mates... Not to mention he finds it hard to stay strictly business when it comes to Jack.

I loved this book by A.J Kelton there it is full of naughty goodness which is steamy and makes you blush. I loved how Jack and Ethan come together and the teacher does become the student at least in the heart department.  There is also a sneaky little cupid want to be who try as he may can't get over Jack.  I found this book very entertaining and it has a lot going for it. Love to find out more about Christian (even though he does rub me the wrong way a couple of times) 

I rate this book a 4 out of 5
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* I won a copy of this book and my opinion is my own 

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