Saturday, August 24, 2013

Life Update and Craziness

Hey All,

So there is so much that has been going on.

First big news is I got a Job. Which is totally awesome. I am enjoying it and feel very blessed that my boss is a person a truly respect and look up to.

Second, Lawn Equipment hates me...
I was mowing front lawn and bent blade of hubby's new lawn mower (so he had to go to Lowe's to get new blade) While he was gone I decided to trim the hedges with the electric hedger (bad idea) what happened next I really can't explain but one minute i was trimming hedges the next I am like " You Got to be Fucking Kidding Me" my finger was caught between the blades of the electric hedge clippers. My hubby was gone so here I am going what am I going to do... Hit the button lose finger or pull it out of the trimmer blades... I pulled it out of the blades and the bleeding started.

How can things go from me rocking it trimming hedges to a complete 180 with my finger nearly cut off in the trimmers. Thankfully My oldest (9) was totally cool ran to neighbors(sitters) to get help, My Bestie came to my rescue (took me to ER), and  kids went to sitters (hubby was still at Lowe's).

On the good note I had just turned 30 couple days before(hedger incident) and got my nails and feet done and low and behold my my manicure wasn't ruined just my finger... Hubby met me and Bestie at ER, 4 stitches later I was ready to go home. Can't really "feel" anything in my finger pad because it just feels like it is asleep and is super duper sensitive. Stitches are now out and i think it is weird that even though it is still healing there is a Purple looking bruise on it. I have to keep it padded and covered for another 2 more weeks to insure it heals completely.

Third ,My Davey is going to 5th grade... I can't believe he is going to be 10 where did the time go.

So between kiddo's, doctor appointments, finger issues, getting a job, I am also finishing up my last three classes and right before Thanksgiving I will have my Bachelors Degree in Accounting.

So I am truly sorry I haven't been posting reviews lately I am working on them, ... I have all my notes written up but i am getting used to a schedule and should be on track again in the next week or so.

Coming up Next Month.

I am attending Lora Leigh's RAW from the 19th to the 22nd of Sept and I am so excited... This is my first time going and I am excited that I get to meet so many awesome authors... Who I love. Hopefully I won't fan girl geek out to bad...

Much Love and Hugs

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  5. Whew ow that so made me hurt! That's great news about the job though. Congrats!!


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