Sunday, September 1, 2013

Review Glisten by Patrice Lyle


The death of Western medicine. The death of a federal agent. And the death of sisterly love. 

An explosive new law bans Western medicine and forces Americans to adopt naturopathic medicine as the only legal form of health care. Glisten is the biggest health revolution America has ever seen and sparks controversy that touches many lives... including twin sisters Isabelle and Charelle Adler, who haven't seen each other since they were teenagers. Now Isabelle is a Health Enforcement Agent for the U.S. Department of Glisten and Charelle is deeply entrenched in the Resistance. Add in Isabelle's murdered fianc√© and Dr. Jade, a naturopathic doctor who orchestrates a risky maneuver to save her marriage, and Glisten is a fast-paced story about holistic medicine, family secrets, and dangerous choices. 

My Review

I found the thought of this book extremely interesting and I wasn't mistaken. My gut told me this was going to be a good but I was surprised on how much I truly liked it and was enlightened, by all the healthy living and holistic medical  information that Patrice Lyle incorporates into her book. She has taken a Traditional Medical Suspense Novel and put her own spin on it birthing a Holistic Medical Suspense novel where traditional medicine is outlawed, Twin Sisters are on different sides of a war where there is danger, death, heartbreak, family secrets and never a dull moment.

I really enjoyed how the story line was intertwined and you could go from the Glisten side to the Resistance side and feel like they were connected. This book shows the different sides of medicine and alternative options in a world that is consumed with pills vs natural remedies are sometimes it takes a brave person to say no more and find something better the body and soul.

The story line with the secondary characters is equally entertaining and suspenseful Dr. Jade has her own issues in this book so it isn't just about Charelle and Isabelle. This was a book i had trouble putting down and I seriously hope that there is a second book. As Patrice Lyle leaves you wanting more, I hate cliff hangers(I hate waiting for the next book) but i am hoping there is a Glisten 2 to find out what happens next.

*I met Patrice Lyle at the Fredrick Book Festival, she was very engaging and I had a wonderful conversation with her about Holistic medicine and natural living.

I rate this book a 4 out of 5

*I was given this book by the author in return for my honest review 

You can buy Glisten on Amazon 

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