Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Lora Leighs RAW

So this past weekend I went to Lora Leigh's Readers Appreciation Weekend (RAW) for the very first time and I had the best time imaginable.

Just to let you know authors who were there so totally awesome and very nice. It was like heaven with all the naughty books you could ever read written by the following kick ass authors.

Lora Leigh, C H. Admirand, Dana Marie Bell, Shayla Black, Monica Burns, Mari Carr, Veronica Chadwick, Bianca D'Arc, Sylvia Day, Jacquelyn Frank, Darynda Jones, Stephanie Julian, Sahara Kelly, Angela Knight, Isabella LaPearl, Gennita Low, Amanda McIntyre, Marla Monroe, Sophie Oak/Lexi Blake, Ranae Rose, Carrie Ann Ryan, Jayne Rylon, Beth Williamson and Mary Wine.

I was sad that Yasmine Galehorn couldn't make it but hopefully I will meet her another time.

So just to start you off I started my RAW weekend by picking up my new friend Jane Smolen in Greensboro and she road tripped with me up to Hagerstown Maryland with the help of Mr Garmin. We talked and laughed our butts off the whole 4.5 hours that's right 4.5 hours because I got there hour earlier than we thought we would get there because well... I drive a little fast.

We ended up getting connecting rooms and there was an open door policy and we started by putting our stuffs in our room and checking into RAW. After getting our swag bags, name tags and t-shirts. We went to get our memory book signed and talk with our favorite authors. Jane was super excited to finally meet Mari Carr and Jane Rylon. I was happy to see Ranae Rose and Carrie Ann Ryan again and meet others for the first time. This was a great intro for the start of the weekend. Dinner was our our own so we hit up the hotel resturant which was pretty darn good.

I saw a couple people I had met at the Fredrick Book Festival and met some new friends. Then we were introduced to the authors though a princess party. I know that wasn't what it was called but we got crowns and wands. And I got to Meet Sylvia Day and Gennita Low for the first time. I love their books and they both are super nice.

We then called it a night. Friday started off with meeting the authors again and the heading to some Red Hot Pictionary which was pretty damn funny I don't think I laughed that hard in a long time. We had to draw dirty words wanna see what I had to draw????
 I can't draw stick figures so yeah... lol... But the funniest part of this was that the person who go the answer correct had to read excerpt from book that has the word in it. Yeah this was funny as the authors started acting out the scenes. Poor Carrie Ann got spanked. where was tons of panels to keep you busy and allowed you to interact with the authors. I enjoyed the author round tables which was kind of like speed dating but with authors. After Dinner it was time to get ready for the 80's party I have to say the  Friday Night's 80's Party was pretty awesome. Here is some pictures from that.
Melinda, Kim, Me and Nikkie
 Jane and Mari
The Little Mermaid group awesome costumes 
I also enjoyed the author round tables it was like speed dating but with Authors and was nice to get inside scoops and find out when they started writing and all the good things you want to know about authors. 

Saturday was just as busy as Friday but there was the Cowboy Stampede and what a Stampede it was with line dancing, free swag and books and cowboy themed giveaways. Then followed by another round table/author speed dating. It was officially called Falling Leaves and Changing Authors. Then panel with Lora Leigh, Jaquelyn Frank and Sylvia . Last dinner and then the Slumber Party in your PJ's which was fun. 

Over all I love RAW and Will be going back next year... All I can say is I plan on going day early to sight see because I did miss out on the earlier activities on Thursday as we arrived around 1:30 in the afternoon.

I ended up with tons of books and swag and here are the books i bought, won and received for free at RAW.


  1. Awesome post.....and an awesome time was had by all. Glad to have met a new friend, even though she drives like a bat out of hell...:)..Mr Garmin and I had fun with you..

    1. Aww Jane I had blast with you too... Can't wait till next year

  2. Great post, Jeannie. Glad you had a good time at RAW. It was great to see you again! :)

    1. It was great seeing you too Ranae as always :)


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