Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Year End Wrap-Up... Happy New Years

Well All,
Today is the last day of 2013... So much has happened this past year. It will be the One Year Anniversary for Just Jeannie's Books & Bling tomorrow... I can't believe a year has already passed. I will be having a special giveaway along with the monthly contest for January to celebrate. So I want to highlight some of the great Blog/Book things I did this year and I will also Highlight some great personal highlights also.

Blog Highlights

So much has happened this year and it has been a great year for Just Jeannie.s... I started my monthly giveaways and think I have given away some great book related prizes. I plan to keep this going and be better organized this year (that is the goal). I have currently 81 Goggle followers and 22 email readers and 181 Facebook likes. I think that is awesome and I love and appreciate everyone of you. I have been to two out of state book events this year... Fredrick Book Festival where I met some wonderful authors and even Bunny Joy for Joyfully Reviewed.

I also went to Lora Leigh's RAW for the 1st time where I had a blast carpooling and enjoying our love of books with another new friend Jane...She made the Drive to Maryland Fun and I am glad to have met her. I also met some new friends... That is one thing I love about books is that they allow people to normally don't have anything in common to have a common ground.  Raw was a blast and I plan on going back in September. I again met wonderful authors and seeing Carrie Ann and Ranae again was a great thing...Meeting Sylvia Day was totally awesome I have loved her books for years, I can't wait to go back.

I took part in a couple hops... I plan on taking part in more in 2014... I also did a couple Cover Reveals for some great authors (I admit I am a Cover Whore... Love me a great Cover). I joined a couple Street teams and proud to help out authors that I love.  For 2014 I plan on posting more reviews... I really slacked on posting reviews this year. I have read tons of great books but I am committed to posting more reviews in 2014. I don't have anyone helping me as it is just me... Maybe that will change later in the year as I might add one or two reviewers.

I am already planning on going to 2 book events I might be going to AAD as it is in Charlotte this year. I have big plans for Just Jeannie's so look forward to more reviews, more prizes, and even more bling.

Personal Highlights

Well Personally this has been a pretty good year. I graduated with my Bachelors in Accounting in November, I feel like I actually accomplished something.
I turned 30 and feel like the best is just starting.
Hubby and I had our 10 year wedding anniversary and  our boys Davey turned 10 and JonJon turned 4.
The greatest feeling is making our boys wishes come true so when Davey said he wanted to go Zip-lining for his birthday Hubby and I put on our adult undies and said ok... It was the greatest thing ever. Plan on going again. We had some great times with the VFW and Marine Corps League... Supporting the Military and our Veterans is important to Me and My family as Hubby is a Disabled Veteran and Served 8 Years in the Marine Corps. We had ups and downs but the Ups this year where much better than the Downs. So here is a couple Personal Highlight Pictures.

As you can see this year has been full of greatness and My plan for 2014 involves more family time, getting a great accounting job, taking my CPA Exam and tons of books.

Here is hoping your 2013 was great and wishing you nothing but the best in 2014.


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