Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Waiting on Goodies for Monthly Contest and Mountain Pictures

Ok all so i wanted to start my monthly contest today... But the goodies i ordered haven't came in the mail yet... I am going to start the contest as soon as i get them in the mail which should be by Friday. I like having pictures of the items so that people know what they are going to get.

So Monday and Tuesday of this week the family was in the Mountains... It was beautiful and we had a great time visiting with Hubby's Grandma and his Great Uncle Larry & Sunshine. The boys had a blast... On the way back we decided to stop at the Biltmore Estate (OMG it is beautiful) and toured the Winery there too. The boys were so well behaved and i got so many compliments from stangers on how well behaved and handsome my boys were. That makes a mom feel great as some days all they do is fight. So here are some pictures from Monday and Tuesday to tide you over till I get the goodies in the mail.

JonJon, Davey, Grams 

Me and Mikey 

Entrance to the Biltmore Estate

My Boys going to the Biltmore Estate... This place is to beautiful for words

Don't forget to check out the book blast for GAME. SET. MATCH there is a Rafflecounter Contest at the very bottom of that post so leave me some love and check out a new up and coming author. I am kinda bias though because it is set in the Outer Banks of NC.

Much Love Jeannie

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