Sunday, May 19, 2013

An Adventure at the Fredrick Book Festival

So I did my first out of state Book Festival... I went to the Fredrick Book Festival in Fredrick, Maryland it was the first year for it. So here is how my day went

I woke up super early and left the house at 2:15 am cause i was worried about traffic and didn't really know where I was going... I live in Fayetteville, NC so my trusty Goggle Maps said 5 hours and 50 minute drive. I stopped for coffee around 5... There was some Mocha Energy Cappuccino Coffee... Didn't know if it truly gave me Energy but It tasted Awesome for Gas Station Coffee lol.

I didn't have any problems till I was just about to Fredrick, Maryland I had a map and my GPS(do not count on GPS as it had me do a U-turn when there was nowhere do do a U-turn) but the phone gremlins finally agreed to let me find my destination after we too a detour in the hills. I saw this stop in this Scenic Stop...

 I am a history Buff and I was not and I quote "Allowed to stop at the Marine Corps Museum without Mike" Mike is hubby for those who don't know. I drove past it twice. It was hard not to stop as it is one of the places we want to go to.

I finally got to the Fredrick Book Festival about 8:45am it started at 9 am... I am one of those who like to be  on time if possible as in my mind it gives me more time to talk to everyone. The day started out with promise, then it got a little chilly... Wasn't prepared for the Maryland weather as I had 90 degree weather in NC the day before.
I stopped at each persons table and chatted it up. I of course started with Ranae Rose and Carrie Ann Ryan as I had gifts for them. It was so awesome to meet them and they were super nice and down to earth. They shared a table with Gabrielle Bisset who was very engaging and I was in total awe. Here is a picture of their totally awesome set up.
I also chatted with Avery Flynn and Elisabeth Staab, they both funny and wonderful ladies. Here is a picture of Me, Avery & Elisabeth

Those are the only pictures i have from the Festival as I was so busy talking with all the wonderful authors and of course I was so excited to meet Joy of Joyfully Reviewed... Confused me at first cause she was missing her bunny ears... But chatted with her later Bunny Ears in all.

I came away with a bunch of books and a bunch of Swag... Some for my monthly giveaways(That's for you followers), some for review, some from just me... Over all it was a great day... Even though i had a 6 hour rainy drive back home... Hubby let me sleep pretty much all day... I am not feeling to good woke up stuffed up, coughing, and having a fever. Anyhow here is a picture of the books and Swag.
Paper Back Books By Elisabeth Staab, Patrice Lyle, Gabrielle Bisset, Carrie Ann Ryan, Antho, PJ Schyder, Rob Gutro, Ranae Rose, & Eliza Knight. I also got a bought a bunch of ebooks:)
This was the first year for the Fredrick Book Festival... I know I plan on going next year.

Much Love Jeannie


  1. I enjoyed meeting you at the festival, Jeannie. Thanks for driving all that way to see us! :)

    1. It was no problem Ranae I had a blast :)

  2. OMG Jeannie! I can't believe you drove that far twice in one day! My drive home was 45 minutes and I was so tired it seemed like forever! LOL

    I'm glad you joined us though, it was fun meeting you! :)


    1. Jane, It was so nice meeting you also... I loved how you made all your swag and you were so nice to talk to. I do hope I get to talk to you again:)


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