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Review of Beating Hearts Anthology


Morgan’s Match by Krystal Shannan 

What’s a girl to do when she can find love for everyone but herself? 

Computer genius and matchmaking witch extraordinaire, Morgan O’Neal, created a computer program from an old family recipe. Her business is a huge success, churning out dozens of matched happy couples, but her love life is still where it stalled out years ago. 

The biggest catch to being a matchmaker…you can’t work a spell on yourself. 

When Connor McGuire, hot high school flame, suddenly inserts himself back into her life, will the hunky Irish warlock seal the deal? Or will a decade-old betrayal keep them apart forever? 

Duke’s Valentine by Jennifer Kacey 

Love and all that crap was not in Duke's future when he accidentally on purpose forgot Valentine's Day. His on-again-off-again girlfriend told him so when she walked out. 

Anna sat alone at the bar in The Library on February 14th. Why? She got stood up, and decided to drown her sorrows in a few beverages before calling it a night. 

The scene she thought she'd be negotiating took on a life of it's own when the spikey-haired Dom across the room noticed her, and wouldn't take no for an answer. 

Inner scoop: If you like your kink with a needle sharp edge and a bit of the sticky red stuff then Duke's got a valentine with your name on it... 

Sorath’s Sinnis by Natalie Gibson 

Elle Lovejoy has watched Nephilim claim her witch friends as mates for years. When it seems she's been passed up, she finds a way to get the relationships she needs as a Dominatrix within the BDSM culture. Her ability to hear the thoughts of anyone she touches makes it impossible to enjoy contact but Elle discovers that the blank mind of a person in subspace is perfect. 

Sorath is a Nephilim mysteriously freed from his century long imprisonment for crimes unknown. Thirst has driven him near insane, though one drive - to get to the woman he senses is his Sinnis and claim her - pushes him forward in a world unfamiliar. 

Can Elle's experience in domination help her rein in this beast? Can she tame him in time to save him from his own uncontrollable bloodlust? Will a being as powerful as Sorath submit to Elle? 

Grabbing Fate by Jinni James 

There’s no harm in a little one-night stand on Valentine’s Day right? 

Ever since high school Samantha has hated Valentine’s Day. But, after spontaneously grabbing the arm of her sexy seating partner Drew, she’s thrown into a night of unbelievable passion. 

A surprise awaits her the morning after. 

Will she grab her fate or run from it? 

My Review

This anthology has a little bit for everyone...  The stories are all Valentines Day Related and I found them enjoyable.

The First story is Morgan's Match by Krystal Shannan, and I really like the story concept and how it played out...She is great at writing a complete quick story, and loved Morgan and Connor's HEA.

The second story Duke's Valentine by Jennifer Kacey is a BDSM/Erotic story and Duke and Anna really heat it up, I liked this story but it wasn't my favorite out the anthology. I do however think I should tell you that it does contain Blood/Needle Play which might not be for everyone.

The Third story is Sorath's Sinnis by Natalie Gibson... I would label this one a Paranormal/ BDSM...This one was my favorite out of the anthology. I loved how Elle is a Domme and how she could stop Sorath by just one thought. I love how they came together and the little details especially with Sorath's leash (that was cool).

The last story in the Anthology is Grabbing Fate by Jinni James and it is a Contemporary Romance. Sam and Drew really steamy up the sheets  and I love how they come together.

Overall this is a great anthology which is a quick read, and is perfect for those who want a heat in their Valentines Day Read.

I rate this book 4.5 out of  5 Genie Lamps.

You can purchase this Anthology from Amazon

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