Thursday, February 6, 2014

Review Jessica's Obsession by Taabia Dupree

Jessica's Obsession, The Beginning. Book 1

Have you ever had a crush? Were you preoccupied by their existence? Did you live, breathe, and become completely compulsive about their whereabouts?

If you answered yes to most of those questions, then you and Jessica have a lot in common.

"The sly smile on her lips turned into a wide grin when she stepped into the shower. She sang as the warm water cascaded down the drain. Then she began to think about her someday children: Tia Stone, Tobias Stone, Tony Stone Jr., Trevor Stone, and Twyla Jessica Stone."

My Review

What is Obsession and How far you would go? That is the question this book makes you ask. And when it comes to Jessica....There is no nice way to put this... Jessica is a lot of Crazy... and Tony Stone is the object of her life long obsession.

The book starts out in the present and introduces us to John Quinlawho is a Romance cover-model, bodybuilder and former wrestler (he is the male on the cover) who wants to get a tattoo from Tony. 

The book will go from that scene and take you back into the past. Where an unassuming little girl, Jessica, is all kinds of messed up and as she grows the decent into a world of her own making becomes even more clear. She will do anything to have Tony, no matter what the cost.Just the glimpse into her deranged mind is scary.. I can't wait to read more about Jessica and Tony, to see what happens next as this book does leave you at end point which is kind of a cliff-hanger.   

Overall... I liked this book and found it to be a good read and look forward to reading the second book in the series. 

I Rate this book 4 out of 5 Genie Lamps
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