Tuesday, April 1, 2014

TNEE 2014 Atlanta

Hey all, So I spent this past weekend in Atlanta at The Novel Experience Event. Jane Smolen and I went together again. It was only 6 hours from my house so not to bad of a drive. I have to say holy Authors Batman, there were so many wonderful authors everything from YA, Paranormal, Contemporary, Science fiction, Alternate history, Erotic, Military, BDSM, Historical, Contemporary, and even sweet romance. There was something for everyone... I was so excited to meet J.M Madden whose street team I am on, she was so awesome.

One of the first author/reader events that took place was when you where able to go to the Aquarium with Authors. I went with J.M Madden, Sharon Hamilton and Ikelia Francis(Awesome Blogger). I truly enjoyed that experience. They had touch pools where you could touch the sea life. Here is a picture of J. M Madden experiencing the touch pool.

 We even found Ocean Porn, and when we left the Atlanta was lit up and it was awesome. 

I went to VIP party enjoyed talking with other readers, bloggers and the authors that where there... I also got a tattoo during the VIP party. The Tattoo Artists that where there did top notch work and where awesome. Here is a picture of my tattoo.. I absolutely love it.

On Saturday they had the book signing and the themed parties...The book signing was massive... I tried to spend time with each author and I made a point to visit every single one... I won't lie it took hours. But I enjoyed it even though my feet didn't lol... I wore boots bad mistake. Nothing is more rewarding then meeting authors you love and new authors you didn't even know existed. I ended up with some pretty awesome books, not counting the ebooks I ended up buying.

There where three parties the Book Boyfriend, The Cowboy, and BDSM party. I went to each of them and they all different which was a good thing in my mind as it made it easy for those who don't like something to have other choices. I spent most of my time between the BDSM and Cowboy party as they where right next to each other. It was a long day but I have to say I had a great time, indulged in too many books, too many sweets, and just enough drinks.

Next year The Novel Experience is going to be in Las Vegas and I have never been there so I am looking to going. For a first year event I have to say it was pretty damn good, only suggestion I would make would be to have name tags as I am bad with names sometimes. 

Overall Great Event I suggest everyone should go to at least one reader event and this would be a great event for someone who is going for the first time. 

I have tons of swag and will be giving away 3 TNEE tote bags full of goodies this month so make sure you enter either though one of the 2 hops, or my monthly contest which starts today. Here is a picture of all the swag 


  1. Oh how fun! And woohoo! Ocean porn! That's too funny! Neat about the tattoo. They had a whole set up at the event for yall??

  2. I was stalking y'all through Facebook photos, and it looks like you had a grand 'ol time. One of these days I want to go!

    I plan to meet JM Madden at an event in FL! Small world!

  3. Wow! I haven't been to Ripley's in few years and it looks like you all had a fabulous time at TNEE. Hoping to go next year :) And congrats on your haul of loot :)) Have a great day Jeannie <3


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