Monday, July 21, 2014

Recap Southern Girls Author Event-Greenville 2014

So I went to Southern Girls Author Event this weekend. It was only a couple hours from Fayetteville so I was all for it. I of course roomed with Jane Smolen who for the weekend got a new name of Porno Granny, thanks to the Porno Granny's Rock button she got in Atlanta from Robyn Peterman. We went to Hooters for dinner on Friday night where we ate with Dawn Robertson, Dawn Pendleton, Heather D'Agstino, Shawnte Borris and talked and visited with many more.

Then proceeded back to the Hilton where we hung out with other amazing authors including including Harper Slone, Trudy Stiles,Magan Vernon, SK Hartley (flew over the pond to be there) and bunch of cover models.

The signing was great... I only bought a few books as I plan on loading my kindle up later today. I loved meeting Andrea Johnson Beck she is truly Awesome. Saw some ladies that I hung out with in Atlanta, passed out blog and author cards. Totally ran out. Was glad to put faces to those I talk to online and meet authors that my other blog friends recommend... such as LP Dover, Amy Miles and Kendall Gray

So much Craziness happened Friday night & Saturday night I figure I would write a list of things I learned.

1. Harper Slone is fucking hilarious
2. Debutantes need to practice safe sex... Thank you Harper for educating them... If you don't know what a debutante is here is the definition
noun: debutante; plural noun: debutantes
  1. an upper-class young woman making her first appearance in fashionable society.

3. SK Hartley is equally as awesome as Harper #HarpersNotEnglish #SophieLovesWalmart
4. Security Guards follow you around Walmart when you go in with group of authors and cover model #MightofBeenKickedOut
5. You never know who you will meet
6. Fun don't stop till they flick the lights at you
7. Fireball is needed for authors when they have been stuck in traffic for hours...Trudy Stiles
8. Southern Authors are as awesome in person as they are online...Skye Turner is awesome
9. Fayetteville produces some awesome people and authors... Glad I met them... Lena Nicole (both ladies) & Elizabeth James rock.
10. Hilton Bar needs to get with the times... Bars don't close till 2am on Saturdays...#lobbyparty #poolsclosed #MJCarnelRocks

Overall this was a great event... I seriously hope that Chrissy has it again next year. I will be there for sure.

Much Love

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  1. Sounds like you had a good time...I kept seeing this one but was not in the cards for me. It is sad when a con is in my state and I can't get to it but loved the recap.


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