Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Release Day Blondie's Hero by Lily-Ann Johnson

Mary-Alice Roberts (Blondie) owns one of the busiest Marine Bars on the East Coast. Getting dumped via Text Message is just the start of her problems. She also needs an experienced Bartender who can fill in right away. 

Marine Staff Sargent, Jake Peterson is medically retired, and needs a job to keep his mind busy and not live in the past. The Bartending job at Teufel Hundens sounds like the perfect solution. 

When Blondie's Ex decides to blame Blondie and Jake for his misfortunes and retaliates against Blondie. 

Will Jake be the Hero Blondie needs and save her? Or will revealing his actual wealth and him being the cause of her ex's anger have Blondie doubting not only Jake but their budding love as well?

Excerpt (Adult)

     Jake, came awake with a jolt, looking at the clock he was relieved when it said it was nine in the morning. Six hours of sleep was better than none at all. He didn't have a nightmare, which is a good start to the day. In fact he had a pretty damn good dream about a sexy blonde with lips that tasted like strawberries and what she could do with those lips. 

     "Damn," he said looking down, "Harder than a fucking rock. I really wish that I had the person in my dreams here to take care of this painful situation. I do have my imagination and my damn hand to relieve the pressure." Sexually frustrated he went to take a shower. Showing up with morning wood for breakfast would just get Ham going and Jake didn't need that this morning. 

     The water streamed down his back as he leaned forwards against the wall of the shower, bracing himself on his left forearm. Jake wrapped his right hand around his thick cock and he started to move his hand up and down. The lubrication from his body was was enough to keep him pumping with the right amount of friction. Jake imagined Blondie on her knees, her lips around his dick as she took him into the warm cavern of her mouth. Her tongue flicking the underside of his dick as she sucked him, her red lips stretched over his girth as she swallowed his whole length, the back of her throat massaging the head.
     His hand fisted tighter around his dick as he jacked off to the thought of her tight mouth around his dick. Faster and tighter his hand pumped his cock, the veins becoming more visible and the head turning a ruddy color. His balls pulled tight to his body as he shot cum all over the shower wall. Resting his head on his forearm he breathed deeply. Now at least he could go have breakfast without sporting a massive hard on. 


Blondie's Hero is now available at Amazon Barnes & Noble

About the Author

Lily-Ann Johnson is the proud wife of a Marine Veteran who also happens to also be her high school sweetheart. She is the mother of two crazy boys, who like to keep her on her toes. She has a bachelor's degree in accounting and is a certified book worm. When she is doesn't have her nose in a book you can find her spending time with her family, supporting her local VFW, Marine Corps League and other veteran organizations. She lives in the great state of North Carolina loves the south, fried green tomatoes and her tea on the sweet side.

You can find more about her on her Facebook Website

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