Friday, January 25, 2013

Freezing in NC

Hey All,
Well what can I say... I know it is winter... But really I live in North Carolina I don't live in Wisconsin anymore for a reason... I HATE COLD WEATHER... Yep I love the thought of snow... I like sledding with my boys at a reasonable temperature... I do not like when it is below 30 degrees... That equals freezing in my mind... Maybe I got used to being warm and not having cold winters from living in the South for the last 10 years. It is colder than a Witches Tit outside and it is sleeting/raining... Here i am bitching about it being cold but we had a pipe bust last Saturday night got it temp fixed on Sunday and totally fixed on Wednesday... I do not need anymore pipes busting or cold..

Maybe it is because i am a cold person by nature cold hands, cold feet, warm heart lol but here I am wrapped in a mink blanket avoiding homework trying to stay warm... I really want to play Skylanders with my boys but that would involve going into the cold part of the house lol and i really need to do homework and finish making three knotted pearl necklaces and a eyeglass holder necklace... So i am going to stop stalling and get my homework done and the knot me some necklaces.

On another point I didn't fail my last class like i thought i was going to I passed with a 78 woo hooo... It was a seriously hard class and a couple of the people in my class were on their second time taking it... Gotta love being your last year of Bachelors college... Almost there.

Night All.

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