Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Review Stiletto Inc by Lexi Ryan

Stiletto Inc By: Lexi Ryan


He projected arousal, swamped her with it, and she didn’t say another word. He was damn near depleted after tonight, but somehow he always had a little more to give when Paige was involved. Not that it mattered. The second he touched her, his power would come back. Not in sips, as it always had when he’d kissed other women, but in gulps. The sexual energy was just too intense between them
Five feet from Collin’s table, he pressed Paige against the wall and clamped his mouth over hers. He pumped all his mental energy into making her hot, showing her with his mind how she looked when she’d laid herself out on his bed and opened her legs to him. He showed her how she looked, pink and swollen for him, made her feel how much he wanted her—the pulsing ache of his cock on the dance floor, how much he wanted her every time she walked into the room. How much he wanted her now. 

The music pumped around them, bodies writhed in every state of dancing and making out. Some couples were discreet, some less so.

He watched her catlike green eyes as he ran a hand up her side, then down, not bothering to be gentle. More interested in having his hands on her. Now. When he ran his hand up again, he slipped it under her shirt, running his fingers over her ribs, grazing the soft, subtle swell of her stomach. Up again, he cupped her breast, then squeezed. Every touch saying, I want you and I’ll take you. Now.

My Review

Stiletto Inc consists of sexy ladies who kick ass and refuse to work for the man... They have their own way of taking car of business. 

This story introduces you to the ladies of Stiletto Inc and the men of the Specials Intelligence Agency (SIA) but in truth the  story about Paige Sykes who is an empath and  Darian Lorring (sexy special agent). 

Paige is a strong woman who has her own demons to deal with trying to take care of her sister, find out what happened to her mother, questions her sanity, and of course her love life. 

Darian is trying to do his job but his questioning thoughts about Paige and his mission kind of make him overbearing and an ass. The perfect hero a girl want to "reform" lol.

There is ups and downs which leave you going what is going on but Lexi Ryan wrote a great book which had me from the start. 

So I gotta say i really enjoyed this book... There is action, romance, suspense, sex, questionable movies and there is funny parts. Everything a great book needs.

I rate this 5 out of 5

You can buy this book for a great price only $0.99 on Amazon 

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