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Review- The Embattled Road (Lost and Found Series)

The Embattled Road By J.M. Madden

This is the prequel to the Lost and Found Series- 40 Pages Quick Read

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In the harrowing prequel to The Lost and Found series, three embattled Marines must deal with their devastating physical and emotional injuries in a world that seems to have turned against them. 

When the rescue helicopter crashes into his convoy in Iraq. Marine Frist Sergeant Duncan Wilde struggles with the loss of men, his career and the use of his body. Things cna't get much worse. Until his fiancee decides she has to move on with her life, and that of her unborn child by another man.

Sergeant Chad Lowell knew when he went to war that it would come with a price. And it did. A young Marine under his command is killed by a landmine. Chad's left with one less leg and a mountain of recriminations. That doesn't mean he wants to be pitied by every femal he comes in contact with.

Gunnery Sergeant John Palmer is furious at the hand he's been dealt. He's served his country faithfully, if not without antagonism, for many years. Now they're turning him out like a relative who has overstayed his welcome. And, since he's not even a real man anymore, maybe it is time t0 move on permanently.

Can these wounded warriors use a friendship borne out of adversity to form a partnership rescuing others? And can they find real love in spite of their challenges.

My Review 

J.M Madden does us a favor by writing this prequel to her series. There is no romance just honest facts which intoduce us the the readers to Duncan, Chad and Gunny John (That's what I call him in my head) the main characters and Marines of the Lost and Found Series.

I have to say that i love the fact that J.M. Madden kept the Marines in this story, honest to god Marines the swearing, personalities, their concerns and ability to keep promises even when odds are against them. She goes into graphic detail how they got injured with stunning detail which in some cases may make this a hard read fro some... but you have to read it to understand these proud Marines. The friendship that is built between these three men at Walter-Reed is great and it shows how strong their characters actually are and has you rooting for them.

I have to say the Character that was by far my favorite of this book was Gunny John as he is ruff on the outside, has the hardest time adjusting in my opinion and you just want him to open up, which is does slowly. I won't ruin the prequel by explaining everything but i will say for this... Read it because you need to know, understand, and love these men who paid with blood for something they love. It is a great read, fast but filling and J.M. Madden leaves you wanting more by allowing you to read the frist chapter of Gunny John's Story Embattled Hearts book 2 in the Lost and Found Series. 

I rate this 5 out of  5
I was e-gifted this book by the author in return for my honest review
From A Marine Wife's point of view

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