Monday, November 3, 2014

Day 3 of Thankfulness

On this 3rd day of November I am thankful for Doctors. Yes that is right Doctors.

Why am I thankful for Doctors? Well I have two crazy boys, who tend to do crazy things. They are 11 and 4. I have had dealt with sliced open feet, Fractured legs, head injuries, and many other things.

Yesterday I spent two and half hours at ER on a Sunday because they decided to be crazy monkeys and well the youngest monkey fell off the bed and busted his head.
Seriously there was blood everywhere and his curls were matted with blood. He came to hubby and I that Davey hurt his head, and when he turned his head there was all the blood. Thankfully we live only 5 minutes or so from the Hospital. Hubby is the calm one when things happen were as I am the one bopping around trying to grab everything and go.

He ended up getting two staples cut was about an inch/ inch half long... He is in good spirits and the Nurse who's name was Davy (talk about ironic as Davey was the one who hurt him) was very friendly and couldn't believe that even though he cut open his head and need staples he was happy and still bouncing around. I told him this is a normal day and JonJon never slows down.

I tell ya these boys give me white hairs.

So I am thankful for not only their wonderful Doctor who deals with all this craziness but also to the random ER doctors who have to deal with my crazy ass and my accident prone boys.

I mentioned the boys but if you ask my husband the ER Doctors have seen more of me then the boys because I am accident prone also.

So thank you to all the Doctors, Nurses, and EMT's out there who deal with things like this on a daily basis.

Much Love

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  1. Glad he turned out to be okay and that nothing seems to penetrate that indomitable spirit. That's going to come in handy for him later in life. :-D


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