Saturday, November 1, 2014

Veterans Day Giveaway

Oh My Gosh I can't believe that is already November 1st. I have a great giveaway in honor of Veteran's Day. For those don't know I am a proud wife of a Marine and also grew up an Army Brat.

This contest is full of goodies from military authors.

There will be one grand prize and three other winners with smaller prizes but everything is awesome. I received a whole bunch of Goodies for Sharon Hamilton who writes some seriously sexy SEALS and have various swag from other Military Authors who I just love. I only took a picture of Sharon's Swag she sent me because I didn't have time to go through my Swag Cupboard and get everything out.

Any who the Contest will go from today until the 15th of November.

One will will get the grandprize which includes tons of Goodies from Sharon Hamilton(Pink Camo Tote,Blue Frog Tote, Gray Seal Shirt, Iphone Case Print copy of Sharon's Book Accidental SEAL, Swag), an ebook of Blondie's Hero by Lily-Ann Johnson, other awesome swag from various Military Romance Authors and maybe even some surprise items.

Two winners will win a blue SEAL frog Tot Bag with Swag.

All you have to do is fill out the Rafflecopter. If you have someone in your family that served I want to say thank to them and feel free to share their story in the comments.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. I'm the former wife of a 12 year veteran and my children's father also served.

    1. Martina :) Thanks for leaving comment. Much Love always Girly.

  2. Thanks for the recognition of the Vets! Very cool. I'm an Air Force Veteran, my dad was an Army Vet and my brother was a Navy Vet. Must be cool to be married to a Marine, huh! (lol) I found you over at Anna's Blog. BIG Hugs...

  3. My husband, and his brothers served in the Marines. His grandpa also served in the Navy. Also, I have cousins, and an uncle that served in the army. Thank you for the giveaway, and for recognizing Veteran's Day.

    Kayla Eklund


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